Health and Wellbeing Services

We offer a broad range of Health and Wellbeing Activities from our community facility. Every client who comes to CPO receives optional support around health and all are assessed on need using an initial Health and Wellbeing assessment. They are then encouraged to complete various self-assessments, through which they are shown how high their risk is of developing certain conditions such as Heart Disease and Type 2 Diabetes.

Following this, they are given advice on how to prevent them, and how to improve their lifestyle in general. We aim to improve our clients’ health through awareness and prevention, but on top of this, we also offer Free Gym Use for all members on our programmes. This gives our participants something positive to focus on and provides resources for them to implement a healthier and happier lifestyle.

CPO is also a Social Prescribing provider in North East Lincolnshire. Working closely with GPs and the Clinical Commissioning Group we use our community facing and holistic delivery model to support those suffering from the following long term conditions: ASTHMA, ATRIAL FIBRILLATION, CHRONIC OBSTRUCTIVE PULMONARY DISEASE (COPD), DIABETES and HYPERTENSION.

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