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We offer a range of support in order to give individuals, who are often deemed as the ‘hardest to reach’, the opportunity to reengage with learning and/or work. We currently work with unemployed adult community members and young people who are classed as NEET (Not in Employment, Education or Training). We also offer community social support work to families and young people.

CPO update 24/6/2021

With the continually changing rules around COVID and the subsequent measures being put into place, we would like to reassure people that the safety and wellbeing of our staff, partners, clients, and community members are at the forefront of our company delivery. Everyone who attends CPO will be expected to comply with government advice, when they are in the building.
We are taking new referrals and can do this remotely. We are determined to ensure that everyone who needs our support will receive this in a way that makes them feel most comfortable.

When the situation changes, we will issue further updates.

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Stephen Ryder - CPO

Stephen Ryder

Managing Director

Stephen has a background in both education and journalism and became the Managing Director of CPO in April 2006. Stephen’s daily responsibilities include managing the organisation and business development.
Additionally Stephen is a Governor at John Whitgift Academy, a Director of NEL VCSE Alliance and of Cudox Wellbeing CIC and a Trustee of Lincolnshire Community Foundation.

Maureen Favill - CPO

Maureen Favill

Operations Manager

Maureen is the Operations Manager at CPO. Her key role is to find ways of making the company more productive in its business operations. Maureen’s other responsibilities include supervising all employees and volunteers that come to CPO, as well as working with clients on our various projects.

Paul Hardy - CPO

Paul Hardy

Business Administrator

Paul is a Business Administrator and his duties include: administering the Grimsby Full Families project, preparing publication orders, maintaining and updating company documents, and assisting with media and IT training. Paul started at CPO as a regular volunteer.

Joanne Steel - CPO

Joanne Steel

Delivery Officer / Administrator

Having initially supported Joanne on one of our earliest projects she is now one of our longest serving members of staff. Recently Joanne has been appointed the Coordinator on our Building Better Opportunities project; her lived experience is proving vital in supporting those furthest from the labour Market.

Melissa Bellamy

Delivery Officer

Having a background of supporting young people in foster care and older people in residential care, Melissa works as part of the delivery team on our Grimsby Full Families project to help support local people.

Katie Fytche

Delivery Officer

Having previously been a project participant, Katie works as a delivery officer on our Building Better Opportunities project. Her role involves assisting and supporting our clients with things such as confidence building, computer skills and job search support.

Sharon Mountain


Sharon is a Tutor at CPO, she comes with a wealth of experience in education and training. She is responsible for the delivery of the traineeship programme and accredited courses.

James Silver

Trainee Teaching Assistant

After completing a CPO project, James has now joined CPO on the Kickstart scheme. James has a variety of supportive roles, such as supporting learners and staff to raise standards of achievement for all learners.

 We also welcome volunteers!

Want to be part of the CPO team? Get in touch to find out how you can get involved.

Board Of Directors

Janette Russon - Chair of Board

As a consultant Janette specialises in helping organisations to develop effective systems and processes to support their achievement of industry relevant accreditations and standards, and win business. Utilising her extensive knowledge in Supply Chain Management and Performance Strategies she helps organisations to work effectively together.

Sally Riley

Sally has 16 years of experience in Employment and Skills, for central government. The organisation provides a public service existing primarily for the benefit of the community and provides a range of working age, disability and ill health benefits to their customers. Sally’s work involves developing support, training and employment opportunities for benefit claimants through engagement with local colleges, training providers and employers across North East Lincolnshire.

Maureen Favill

Maureen Favill is CPO’s Operations Manager and began working for the company in 2010.

Hayley Gilham

Stephen Ryder

Stephen Ryder joined Community Press Office in September 2004 and became Managing Director in 2006. In 2011/12 he made the strategic changes which saw CPO become primarily an organisation that focused on education, training and employability.

Jennifer Vincent

Jen has over 25 years of experience in Employment and Skills, for central government and local authority. Jen is a member of the CDI, is a Mission Mentor, a Careers Ready mentor, co-leads the Northern Lincolnshire Adviser Gathering business support group, sits within several groups within the Humber Local Enterprise Partnership as part of the Employment and Skills Board and governs at two academies in Northern Lincolnshire.

Sarah-Jane Walster

Sarah’s career has seen her work in drama, film and events management. She has delivered projects assisting those with a learning disabilities and for older people, where she used drama to combat dementia.


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I have received excellent support from Everyone at CPO. They are regularly checking up to see that I am ok by calling and messaging me and they have advised me to contact them if at any time I’m struggling with anything or need help, which has been very reassuring during the lockdown.- Trevor
My children have loved the activity packs that have been made up for them; they really have, also enjoyed and appreciated the support that CPO has given them. They loved doing the sunflowers and we still have some cakes to do with them. I myself have had loads of telephone conversations with staff from CPO, when I have needed it and it’s been nice to know that they are always at the end of the phone for our family. They have also offered to complete shopping for us as well.- Family from Grimsby Full Families Project
I was asked to go to CPO by an Employment Advisor at the Jobcentre. The idea was that I could receive help with my job searching techniques and attend confidence classes. The attitude of the employees at CPO have been good. They have helped me to download my CV to various employers and this has made my weekly job search easier. The confidence classes have helped me to improve my communication skills. The group at CPO has done a variety of tasks including answering questionnaires about food and nutrition. We have also looked at and discussed cases about people with mental health issues. I have been impressed by the commitment of the staff. Since returning from lockdown I have received some good help with my job search, staff are friendly and attentive and it is a good environment for me to do my job search. I have enjoyed listening to the experiences of Mo and Jo. I think that going to CPO is a valuable experience.- Edward
Traineeships have brought out a lot of my confidence and I have been able to make friends with some of the other students. I have had great support from the staff at CPO who are always there for me and made me feel very comfortable and positive to learn.- Dana
I have been on the BBO project since February, I have excellent support, when I need anyone to speak to there is always someone there. When I first started with the group sessions I did not like to join in the group work but as time went on and I got to know the rest of the group I found the confidence to open up and join in. Then lockdown happened, and even though I lived with my parents I felt alone and stayed in my bedroom, this had a huge affect on my mental well-being as I felt alone with my thoughts. Staff made regular phone calls which I was grateful to receive and this made me see I was not alone, and I could pick up the phone at anytime and someone would be there for me. Mo gave me an idea how to get out and get some daily exercise and make me feel better about myself. When lockdown ended I was given an appointment to attend CPO for one to one, I enjoy attending these sessions as this allows me to say what I am thinking and feeling without any judgment and that makes me feel less worried and stressed. Since being back at CPO I am completing online IT courses and my job search.- Craig
I joined the WeCan Employability Passport course at CPO and have participated fully in the project. Actively working as part of the group sharing ideas and wherever possible I have continued to help other members complete their course work and help people with their IT skills. Before joining the course I had lost confidence in myself and had become rather withdrawn and had been referred to counselling by my own doctor. While still struggling I feel working within the group I have been able to share my views and been listened too. I feel like I have opened up more and can share information and ideas. As well as feeling more confident by sharing my IT skills to help others I have found rewarding. The staff have been friendly, helpful and supportive and very approachable.- Alan
Having the opportunity to work alongside staff at CPO gave me the confidence to attend other work environments without feeling nervous. Being accepted into this environment has helped me to take the next steps towards where I want to be, and revisiting my ICT skills and improving them will be useful for me in the future as well. All in all, I feel like my mental health has improved dramatically, and I am now more motivated and positive.- Mark
The BBO programme has made an immense difference to my life. When I left London and had to start again, I felt very isolated and lost, but CPO helped me to change that and regain some confidence. Taking part in the group activities enabled me to feel like I was a part of something again, and worry less about being judged or afraid. As my communication skills improved, I became more able to talk about my issues. Working on the Employability Passport helped me push myself to search and apply for jobs, and I have now gained employment as a barmaid in a pub. I gained my life back. I found the courage to cut my hair which was my armour for many years. Now I feel the best I ever have in over 7 years.- Teresa
I have always been grateful for all the support from the team at CPO. They have always been so kind and caring to me and I look forward to working with them as a member of their staff. I'm still nervous about starting but they always reassure me that I will do great and that they will always be there if I need them. My family is so proud of me for getting my first job; they know this means a lot because of the things I have been through. Thank you so much for the opportunity.- James
I would like to say thank you to the staff at CPO for all their help, encouragement and patience they have given James. They have helped with his anxiety and confidence as well as offering him a job. Now he will truly be able to shine. I can't thank you all enough.- Sandra
The Well to Work sessions has really helped me to improve my mental health, because if I was not attending these group sessions I would be sat at home on my own. I have really enjoyed the company and having fun with like minded people, as it has helped me to not feel alone. I also liked the group being small as this made it easier for me to cope and feel safe.- Neil
I have found the Inspirational Speakers to be the greatest aspect of the group sessions, as listening to professionals speak about their own difficulties and how they have overcome adversity, I felt empowerment and helped me to feel positive regarding my own future.- Allan
I came to CPO after becoming unemployed, everyone was very welcoming, and I feel attending the group sessions on the Well to Work project is an interesting experience and it has helped me to improve my confidence and communicate better with others.- E Cook
Being a part of the Well to Work project has improved my mental wellbeing, as it helped me to get out of the house and meet new people. I have gained social skills and coping strategies that will allow me to deal with my anxiety in a healthier way, giving me a positive future.- G Major
I have enjoyed my time on the Well to Work project, I have met some great people and I have developed my coping skills that will help me to improve my mental health and wellbeing. With this support I will be able to also gain access to counselling sessions that will help me to move forward and feel more optimistic about my future.- K Andrew
I was told about the Well to Work project by the Job Centre and I made contact straight away as I felt it was a great opportunity to attend a course where I can improve my mental health and my employability skills and with it being so close to where I live, helped me not to worry about leaving my dog for too long.<br /> Being a part of this project is helping me to improve my confidence and feel better about myself.- K Ramsden
I have become a lot more confident since attending the Well to Work group sessions, I feel I can start to trust others again and I do not feel anxious around new people as I once did. Being a part of this project has helped me to feel less isolated as I have a reason to leave my house and meet new people.- L Williams

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