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Our Projects For Adults

Employment & Skills


BBO - Building Better Opportunities 

Building Better Opportunities is an employment project, for clients aged 16 plus. This project is funded through the UKSPF and is managed by NELC. Since April 2023, 47% of clients who signed up have gone into employment or self-employment through a combination of vocational training, accredited learning, confidence-building and wellbeing support. 



This government funded project through the UK Shared Prosperity Fund (UKSPF) allows us to deliver maths to adults aged 19 and over. Our courses range from an introduction to every day numeracy, budgeting skills and Functional Skills as well as Digital Business Administration and Customer Service courses, both with maths embedded in the learning.

Creating Positive Action

Community Regeneration

Social Action & Volunteering

This project, funded through UKSPF, offers local people of all ages the opportunity to get involved with supporting activities and events in improving numerous community facilities across NEL. In addition, our volunteers learn new skills to strengthen their confidence, improve health & well-being and practical & social skills whilst volunteering for a number of community organisations.

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