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Centre4, 17a Wootton Road, Grimsby,
North East Lincolnshire,
DN33 1HE
Tel: 01472 236680

Confidentiality policy

The work carried out at CPO requires us to gather personal details from students, volunteers and other staff members.

At CPO, it is our policy that any personal information is stored securely so that only appropriate members of staff are able to access it, in order to respect confidentiality. This means that information is not kept out of secured folders throughout the office or on the electronic system.

In relation to students, parents and guardians of students are able to access files and records of their own child, but not others. Staff will not discuss individual children other than with their own parents, guardians or social workers. Information given by parents/guardians will not be passed along to third parties.

In relation to volunteers, any information that we gather are for the purposes of the project they are participating in only. We also gather details for health and safety reasons, i.e. emergency contact numbers. Any information regarding a volunteer will be stored securely and only be accessible by the relevant members of staff.

Confidentiality Policy
Version 6
Updated 4th February 2022

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