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When I started at Creating Positive Opportunity I was so scared and nervous. I did not have any confidence in myself, to do my maths and English courses. I have gained so much confidence in myself, I have passed my maths and English, and because of the support from Sharon and James I have confidence to do my next level up in maths. I have achieved my functional skills maths, my functional skills English, which was reading, writing and speaking and listening. I now have a CV and a cover letter. I have a lot of confidence and self-esteem, and I feel proud of myself. I now want to go back to work and find a part time job. I had all my bus fares refunded and a lunch voucher for the café every day. I have made new friends and have received more support here than I had when I was at school.  I have had a lot of support from Sharon and James and all the team. How they have put up with me I do not know, as I did find it all hard, but they kept pushing me so that I could learn and pass my maths and English. I have had a lot of fun in lessons and with the staff. Sharon is a great member of staff, you can have a laugh with her as she is like a mum to us all and goes out of her way to help you and she is a good friend...  James is James, he is funny.



I felt a bit nervous when I started here at Creating Positive Opportunity as I was scared of doing maths as I was unsure how I would cope. Although I was nervous about doing maths, I wanted to get over the fear of it and try to pass it to get myself a qualification.
I have come to Maths Functional Skills and Job Club every week. Job Club has been really good as it has helped me find any jobs, I am interested in. Sometimes I have my dinner in the café, thanks to a free dinner voucher. I have met new people here and talk more to
others than I did. I have achieved my Functional Skills Maths Qualification and I have also now got a CV and cover letter. The staff also helped me put my CV on indeed which I now use to apply for jobs every week.
I have felt supported by Sharon and James who always help me with everything I needed help with. I have had loads of fun with the groups and the staff at Creating Positive Opportunity. I have enjoyed being here and working with the teacher who has helped me a lot.



I have received excellent support, and when I need anyone to speak to there is always someone there at Creating Positive Opportunity. When I first started with the group sessions I did not like joining in the group work, but as time went on and I got to know the rest of the group, I found the confidence to open up and join in. I enjoy attending group sessions as this allows me to say what I am thinking and feeling without any judgment and that makes me feel less worried and stressed.



When I was referred to Creating Positive Opportunity, I was suffering from high anxiety levels, and I did not feel I was able to gain employment. During the first few visits to Creating Positive Opportunity, we agreed on the support that would help me to improve my wellbeing and confidence, they also referred me to a mental health provider. My wellbeing and confidence improved after attending the group sessions regularly, this also allowed me to make new friends. I was also able to undertake a maths qualification to help me to improve my chances of finding work again when I felt I was ready  to. Creating Positive Opportunity also provided me with support to sign up to a course that would enable me to obtain a SIA Licence, with a guaranteed job interview at the end of it. They were also able to provide the support I needed to move into a new property, as if I was able to gain employment, I would not have been able to afford to my the rent of the property I was currently in.
I am extremely grateful for all the support, they have been able to provide me with during my time on the project.



When I was referred to Creating Positive Opportunity, I was 53, I was sent to attend an employment course and as part of my training I learnt how to use a computer. I have always had a fear of computers, I was convinced I would break something if I tried. A member of staff sat next to me and supported me working through different course. I am now able to use a computer to complete tasks during my daily life.



I appreciate how Creating Positive Opportunity were able to provide me with digital support in my own home. The benefits from learning in my own home are that I have been able to borrow a device from Creating Positive Opportunity, which allowed me to practice in my own time.
With the new skills I have learnt, I feel that I am making progress which will enable me to improve my confidence with digital technology.



I was referred to Grimsby Full Families due to my son’s behaviour getting out of control. Since being involved with GFF it has made things a lot easier knowing I have someone to talk to on a
professional level. I’ve engaged in online courses and group work with support from GFF staff, this has helped me with not only my confidence but my socialising and self-isolation as mixing with
others isn’t something I would usually do.

Grimsby Full Families staff are brilliant with families, all my
children really enjoy the activities that they receive, and this is good for all of us as it brings us together and we spend quality time together as a family. GFF supports me with my emotional
needs, and they referred both myself and my son for counselling sessions. Grimsby Full Families staff
are always there to support me and my family when it’s needed most.



I am on the Grimsby Full Families Programme, and I have really appreciated the support I have received regards to my financial difficulties, they have provided me with additional support, and put
me on the right path so I could apply for a local grant.
From this I managed to successfully receive the grant, and this has helped to ease some of the financial worry and allowed me to pay my outstanding bills and provide food for my children. Thank you, Creating Positive Opportunity, for this support.



I felt nervous when I first started on the Traineeship. I was worried about doing my maths and English but knew I needed help; I did not think that I would even get to the stage of doing my exams.
The staff at Creating Positive Opportunity were amazing and supported me all the way, they have made me feel confident to now do more things in the future. I have always wanted to work with children and have applied to
several apprenticeship/kickstart vacancies. Creating Positive Opportunity helped with my CV, applications, and interviews, and
I have just had an interview on teams which we have used for the learning sessions.



Traineeships have brought out a lot of my confidence and I have been able to make friends with some of the other students.
I have had great support from the staff at Creating Positive Opportunity who are always there for me and made me feel very comfortable and positive to learn.

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