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Who We Are

About Creating Positive Opportunity 

Creating Positive Opportunity is a community business. Everything we do is for the benefit of the community and the people involved. We are passionate about our community and are constantly developing projects and programmes to better serve people who need the most support.

This is all made possible by our incredible partnerships combined with UK and EU funding.


We have creative projects involving activities for children, in term time and during school holidays to help them keep learning and developing. We offer educational courses for young and older adults to expand their skill set and get themselves into employment.


Our projects are open to all community members. We would appreciate anyone who thinks they may benefit from any of our programmes to get in touch and make an enquiry now

- We are here for you!



We hope to motivate, educate, inform and inspire people to fulfil their ambitions.

All of our projects operate with the aim of giving people better life chances and opening doors for better opportunities.

We wish to see people succeed, strengthening the local community in the process.

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