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 Anti Bullying & Harassment Policy


It is the policy of CPO Ltd to support the right of all people to be treated with dignity and respect at work. Harassment and bullying of colleagues or volunteers is unacceptable conduct and will be regarded as gross misconduct. The highest standards of conduct are required of everyone regardless of seniority. We know that workplace bullying and harassment has a detrimental and negative affect on individuals and therefore operational efficiency.

We are committed to making every effort to provide a working environment free from bullying and harassment. CPO recognises that harassment and bullying may take many forms.  It may be directed towards persons of either sex. It may relate to a person's ethnic origin, religion, age, sex, sexual orientation, physical or mental attributes or some other personal characteristic.

Harassment and bullying may involve action or inaction, behaviour, exclusion, comment or physical contact that the recipient finds objectionable or offensive. It may result in the recipient feeling threatened, humiliated, intimidated, patronised, demoralised or less confident in their ability.  Condoning such conduct may be harassment in itself.


Examples of unacceptable conduct include:


  • Verbal abuse, or insulting behaviour.

  • Sexist or racist jokes, jokes about an individual's sexual orientation or jokes about an individual's physical or mental attributes.

  • The display or circulation of sexually suggestive or racially abusive material.

  • Bullying, coercive or threatening behaviour.

  • The ridicule or exclusion of an individual for cultural or religious differences, on the grounds of sex or sexual orientation or on the grounds of disability.

  • Unsolicited or unwelcome sexual advances, including touching, staring or commenting.

  • Comments of a sexual nature about a person's appearance or dress.

  • Harassment, and particularly sexual, racial or disability harassment, will be regarded as gross misconduct for disciplinary purposes. Accordingly, employees may be subject to dismissal and volunteers guilty of harassment or bullying run a risk of being asked to leave the project.

  • Equally, an allegation of harassment or bullying must not be made lightly. If it is found that an allegation of harassment has been made without foundation and maliciously then this will also be regarded as gross misconduct for disciplinary purposes.

  • All complaints of harassment or bullying should be made to the CPO Operations Manager unless the complaint is regarding this person. In this case you should complain to the Managing Director of CPO.

  • All matters relating to any part of this policy are to be treated in the strictest confidence, given the sensitivity of such matters. This applies whether at an informal level, or in obtaining relevant information at investigatory or disciplinary stages. Any breach of confidentiality may involve disciplinary action against those responsible.


This information is also available in other formats, languages and picture format upon request.

Anti-Bullying & Harassment Policy
Version 5
Updated 4th February 2022

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